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School Policies

On this page you can read or download some of the key policies that operate in our school. Paper copies of these and other policies are available in the school office on request.

Learning at Gateway School

We aim at making learning at GATEWAY memorable and meaningful!

Academic achievement is given a high priority and we have high expectations for our learners in the instrumental disciplines of English, French and Mathematics not with standing Science and General Subjects. We equally value a broad and rich curriculum that gives all pupils the opportunity to develop and shine in all areas of learning. We have a creative approach to learning and we learn beyond the classroom.


Plans carefully to meet the needs of their classes.

Provides interesting resources and stimulating classroom lessons that reflect their current curriculum and the diversity of cultures represented within the class.

Is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subjects they are teaching.

Wants to succeed and share his/her successes.

Provides tasks that match pupils’ abilities.

Differentiates effectively and provides support and challenge.

Provides opportunities for pupils to share their success.

Takes pride in learning.

Is a proud ambassador of GATEWAY School.

Is willing to take risks and shows lots of resilience.

Provides pupils with a safe and secured environment where they are confident at taking risks in their learning.

Provides opportunities for more and most able learners to explore further/deeper learning in particular areas.

Has the skills to work both independently and collaboratively.