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Welcome to GATEWAY Bilingual Nursery and Primary School Bonaberi- THE PLACE TO BE!!! As one of the fastest-growing and most prestigious schools in Douala and Cameroon, Gateway is nationally and internationally recognized for providing quality Bilingual education and pedagogic solutions at a very low cost. The entire educative community plays a determinant role in the realization of the performances to be attained for a quality Bilingual system.  However, GATEWAY School is an institution that opened for a collective exchange in a harmonious manner.  The Gateway Bilingual Nursery and Primary School’s website will enlighten you more on its realizations. Madam NJI BEH ESTHER

The Proprietress

Values and School Charter

Our core values are Love, Hard work, Discipline, Honesty, Teamwork, Citizenship, and Fear Of God. Our School Charter sets out our vision, values, and objectives, which in turn inform and underpin everything we do.

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