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About Us

Août 19, 2019

Mission / Vision Statement

Our Vision and Goals
Our school’s vision statement: ‘LEARNING TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN EVERYONE’ sums up everything we believe in. We promote high achievement and a love of learning so that each child can flourish. Our aim is that all pupils at GATEWAY enjoy the richness of their learning and that their Nursery or Primary School experience becomes a happy and memorable one.

In spite of achieving academically, our children learn to express and develop their creativity as fulfilled social beings. In this way, pupils learn to be responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the world in which they live as well as having the skills they need to access the opportunities the world has to offer them.

Our Objectives
At GATEWAY School we: Create a happy, safe and positive learning environment for our pupils. Embrace and celebrate differences. Have high expectations for all. Have a broad and balanced curriculum that reflects our commitment to the development of every child.
Develop independence, initiative, teamwork, creativity, curiosity, self-belief and resilience in every child. Equip pupils with the skills and attitudes that will enable them to become fulfilled, confident individuals, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Employ and develop staff and resources to provide teaching and learning of the highest quality. Welcome new ideas and embrace developments that support our growth.

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The entire educative community plays a determinant role in the realization of the performances to be attained for a quality Bilingual system. NJI BEH ESTHER

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